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My name is Christian Hagen. If you’re here and can read, you probably already know that. But I wanted to say it because, well, it justifies the title of this post.

I just wanted to start off this site with a cordial extension of gratitude to any readers who happen to come along and see this. The internet can be a thankless and seemingly barren place at times. But, perhaps more frustratingly, the internet can be a place in which hate and single-mindedness and snark and vitriol are traded more freely and more often than ideas and facts.

I hope to be the better exception to that climate.

In this blog, you’ll find plenty of opinion, maybe only opinion. I’ve written entertainment reviews and political editorials for most of my young career, and I want to have a place where I can continue to express those things without incessant deadlines or the fear of damaging anyone’s reputation but my own. I pride myself on my strength as a writer and my commitment to the essential integrity of journalism. But this place will mostly be a source for people to read my thoughts beyond the facts I report.

This does not mean, however, that I will allow myself to become an arbiter of the same vapid vanity and endless comic frustration that has overtaken the fields of writing I hold so dear. Critical writing must involve critical thinking, and not just thinking about puns and vicious insults to take down another person, not the sort of thinking that says that all criticism can be boiled down into 140 characters (though it sometimes can be done successfully). But the sort of real, thoughtful writing that can change people’s minds, or frame their ideas.

If it sounds like I’m being grandiose, I apologize. I only mean to say that if you find something on this blog, you can rest assured that I have devoted my full energy of thought to making it worth your time.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to sharing words with you.

-Christian Hagen



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