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Scene Stealers: How Minnesota’s Music Can Break Out

There’s a culture and arts scene in Minneapolis and St. Paul that’s as varied and active as any in the country, with expansive musical ideas evolving constantly through an exchange of new sounds. Some of the most promising young artists in the country are born and bred near the mouth of the Mississippi River. And … Continue reading

Abrupt or Ambiguous: When Should Movies End?

Warning: The following post is extremely reliant on SPOILERS for recent films. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! The year 2007 was, by all accounts, a transformational year in Hollywood cinema, a year in which films which challenged narrative and filmic languages were not only critically acclaimed but even commercially successful. The most obvious film technique … Continue reading

Just Report It: The Balance of Editorial and PR in Journalism

A common problem I’ve noticed with young or budding journalists, or at least young writers trying to delve into journalism, isn’t so much a matter of technical skill as it is a failure of balance. I’ve had countless conversations with MSU Reporter News Editor Megan Kadlec about this very problem: Some writers just can’t seem … Continue reading

Great Argumentative Essays

A teaching friend recently asked me, “Do you have any suggestions for good essays that my students could read?” After some clarification, I started to dig through my bookshelf to see what I could reccomend. Argumentative essays come in many forms and with many different goals, but what’s assured about a good argumentative essay is that … Continue reading


My name is Christian Hagen. If you’re here and can read, you probably already know that. But I wanted to say it because, well, it justifies the title of this post. I just wanted to start off this site with a cordial extension of gratitude to any readers who happen to come along and see … Continue reading

My VisualCV

My VisualCV resume is available online. Also available as a PDF.